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about us

Projects & Brands partner with Community Juice to power their communities and build within Web3.

Community Juice is a leading full stack community agency. We have a strong focus on enabling native web3 projects as well as brands and sports teams safely enter the Web3 space and build sustainable and organic communities.

our story

How we started

Whilst working for a global brand and building a private Web3 community on Discord for friends and friends of friends, Emile van Zyl (Founder and Director), quickly saw the great potential of online communities but felt there were a lot of areas for improvement from moderation to the technical aspect of building these communities.

Emile was asked by a friend to help with their start-ups community and from there quickly grew and expanded to a team of moderators, community managers and tech savvy bot developers and community space builders and have now worked with over 20 projects and counting.


The core values behind our work

At Community Juice we believe in Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy that means continuous improvement. In addition, we have a commitment to build organic and sustainable communities. There is no short-cut or cheat code here.


We spend a lot of time on research and development into new community platforms as well as ways we can improve our current offerings from moderation work to our bot development. We are also always on the lookout for new and exciting Web3 community platforms to partner with.


We are already a global team of many nations and languages but we are always looking to grow the team as well as empower the team to grow in both work as well as personally. The sky is the limit!


We are results focused and ensure that we are able to meet KPIs and our clients expectations. Results are important for us to measure performance and improve our current service offerings.

our mission

We brings brands and projects closer to their communities.

Community Juice ensure that we bring you closer to your community with a focus on security, safety and ensuring that your community space is professional, branded and meets all your brand guidelines. A community you can be proud of and connect with.