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Community Management

Full community management solutions on Discord, Telegram and Twitter with the support of our team of trained and vetted moderators, events managers, collab managers and community manager.

Options included in the service

Please contact us for a bespoke quote on your specific needs.

  1. 24/7 Moderation and Community Support (This is a specific package and would require a minimum of 3 moderators)
  2. Full time community manager
  3. Bi-lingual Moderation and support staff
  4. Daily and weekly feedback and reports to key stakeholders
  5. Alert for any urgent issues within your community
  6. Moderate AMAs and project events
  7. Arrange and run weekly community events
  8. Collabs and Partnerships
  9. Community Engagement

What results can I expect?

Although we do our very best for each project within the space, results may vary depending on external factors as well as the projecst niche and category and/or the projects ability to deliver and communicate effectively.

  • Engaged and informed community
  • Positive sentiment towards the project and the projects team
  • Organic community growth and activation
  • Safe and secure community space for your community members