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Discord Server Audit and Security

We will perform a full audit of your Discord to ensure that your server is fully up to date with all the latest security features. We will inspect roles and permissions, provide training to your team and also offer monthly security support and audits to ensure you and your community are safe from ongoing scammers and malicious actors.

What’s included in the service

Services are often bespoke but here is what you can expect

  1. Full Discord server audit
  2. Roles and permissions audit
  3. Bot audit
  4. Employee training
  5. Security vulnerability audits
  6. Setup of our custom-built security bot solutions
  7. Monthly monitoring, auditing and training
  8. Setup of Regex patterns for Discord
  9. Discord built-in security features always updated

What results can I expect?

A safe community space

  • Lower probability of security threats
  • Well informed and trained employees
  • A far safer online community for community members
  • Decrease in risk to your project