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A Full Stack Online Community Agency.

We build your online community space on Discord and Telegram, help you strategize, manage and build your community through engagement, creative content and analytics and provide custom bot development to enhance community experience. A focus on Web3, Global Brands and the Sports industry.

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who we work with

We help great brands, projects & individuals
scale with community.

Community Juice are passionate about a variety of sectors from native Web3 projects to Web2 brands, sports teams and athletes.

Web2 Brands from F&B to Fashion Brands.
Global Sports Teams and athletes.
Web3 brands. DeFi/CeFi, GameFi, Metaverse.
Why Communities


Of internet users are participants in an online community.


Increase in brand/project loyalty if they have a strong online community presence.


Of project/brand communities, agree that member suggestions and feedback helped them improve and innovate.


Decrease in support costs with having a professional support system setup on community platforms.